In distribution
Shatter Hassan
An Arabic fairytale hero in the Netherlands becomes a nameless junkie. A film about loss of homeland, culture and identity.

In distribution
30 meters of silence
Eight years ago, Al Massad filmed children in an refugee center in Holland. Recently he found back the footage and started to wonder: How are these children doing?

In post-production
An ex-mujahideen struggles to reconcile his faith and reality. But he faces setbacks at every turn as he is forced to collect cardboard in the streets of Zarqa, an occupation barely sustaining his family. As his situation deteriorates he has to make a radical decision to save himself from humiliation.

In development
Jackie and the 40
Yellow Cabs
In a country from which so many of its people long to escape an American must find a way to stay.

In development
Certificate no. 000358/
The images of photographer Robert Knoth prevented the building of a Russian Nuclear Installation. A film about the power of the image and the battle of regular people against nuclear expansion.