Recycle - Een film van Al Massad


2007. 80 minute documentary.

In a place where extremes are raised, a tough choice has to be made.

An ex-mujahideen struggles to reconcile his faith and reality. But he faces setbacks at every turn as he is forced to collect cardboard in the streets of Zarqa, an occupation barely sustaining his family. As his situation deteriorates he has to make a radical decision to save himself from humiliation.

Abu Amar found himself disillusioned with the chaos Afghanistan was left in during the 80's and tried to clear this confusion by writing a book on Jihad. However insightful and moderate, he has failed so far to publish his work. In the meantime his attempts to build a normal life in the impoverished town where Iraq Al Qaiada leader Al Zarqawi grew up are failing. While the locals share their insights on Al Zarqawi and the current situation in the Middle East, the effects of their constraining environment become clear as Abu heads towards a life-changing decision.

Recycle is a documentary with an insider's view on the community of al Zarqawi's hometown, hereby addressing the intricate realities of life in the Middle East during spiralling international tensions.

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